The Cross


Born and raised in Denver, I have a deep sense of pride in my home town. I’ve been lucky enough to see the city transform itself from a relatively quiet locality to the bustling cultural hub of the west. From a young age I have maintained a love of the outdoors and recognized the indelible influence of the craft beer renaissance; both of which are defining characteristics of the Colorado lifestyle.

After graduating college in 2007, I soon realized a career in craft brewing was the right path for me, and I received my Diploma in Brewing from UC Davis in early 2010. I then spent the next four years at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, CO where I was able to work in every major production department, including packaging, yeast management, brewing, and the cellar – the last of which I managed for the final year-and-a-half of my Avery career.

Sadly, no matter how hard I try, I can’t ride a fixie (no f@#*ing brakes?), and I suck at growing mustaches. Soooo…brewing good beer is really all I have. Help me feel better about myself, people.