The Bell


Chris has been brewing beer for as long as he could drink it. In 2008, as his college career came to a close at CU, he realized he needed a job. But he didn’t want just any job; he wanted a unique a job, a job that he was passionate about, and a job that would give him the ability to create something from the ground up. After talking with close to 100 breweries, Chris was fortunate enough to land a job at Long Trail Brewing Company in Bridgewater Corners, Vermont. After three years spent rising through the ranks from forklift operator to Senior Brewer, Chris decided the time had come to move back to Colorado, where he quickly found employment at Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, CO. In just under three years at Avery, Chris moved from the role of shift brewer to Assistant Brewhouse Manager, all the while working alongside his two Call to Arms Company partners, Jesse and Jon.

In his spare time, Chris likes to walk his pup, Mason, work on old Beemers, talk trash about his old manager, Fred “Hey Look, I’m From Vermont” Rizzo, and make people feel uncomfortable. He plays the guitar terribly, thinks he knows a lot about business, and pretends to exercise way more than he does. He USED to rock climb, hike, and run; now he mostly works towards the collective dream of opening Call to Arms Brewing Co. His favorite color is green, and his favorite food is ice cream.