Many Thanks

Many Thanks

First and foremost, many thanks to everyone who’s contacted us and shown their support since our initial post. As excited as we are to be in the process of creating a brewery we can truly call our own, we’re even more excited for the day when we can actually open our doors and pour beers for the friends and family we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and live alongside over the years. The three of us have crossed paths with a wide range of folks throughout our lives, many of whom – oddly enough – happen to be fans of beer; and every conversation, every brewery tour, every last call, every hard-headed opinion and harder-fought debate has led us to where we are today.

Call to Arms Brewing Company doesn’t exist without these interactions, some unforgettable, some fairly forgotten, and as we move forward, we’ll do our best to build upon our longstanding relationships, while at the same time introducing ourselves and Call to Arms to the countless number of individuals we’ve not yet had the chance to share a pint with. The guiding light of the craft beer industry may certainly be the beers themselves, but it’s the fans of craft beer that truly make this a community.

In keeping with that mindset, the next three posts will serve as introductory bios for the three owners of Call to Arms Brewing Company, starting with Mr. Chris Bell – recovering brewer and bookkeeper extraordinaire. Please stay tuned…

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