Denver CBC

Denver CBC

The past two weeks have been a helluva ride, and we want to take just a second to say thanks again to all the family, friends and new acquaintances who’ve contacted us with their support and suggestions. Between the logo introduction and Denver Off The Wagon interview, we’ve been able to reach a unbelievably diverse spectrum of individuals world-wide, so many thanks as well to our graphic designer, Chelsea Giordan, and the Wagon’s PJ Hoberman for their fine work! As for the Call to Arms website, we’re still a little ways out, but we’ll be working with Chelsea and a web developer in the next couple of months to bring that to fruition as well. We only anticipate things will get busier from here on out, so please stay tuned to this blog and our facebook page (facebook.com/calltoarmsbrewing) for any and all updates.

On that note, today’s the official kick-off of the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference, an annual Brewers Association event that this year lands in Denver, bringing with it the World Beer Cup and one of the world’s largest assortments of craft beer experts, brewers and manufacturers. For three guys hoping to open a brewery in the coming year, the CBC’s arrival in Denver couldn’t be more welcome. Having the opportunity to talk to manufacturers and fellow brewers face-to-face will undoubtedly create the kind of rapport we wouldn’t be able to build through basic email chains, and we’re extremely excited for what this week has to offer.

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