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Call to Arms wouldn’t be where we are without the financial support of friends, family, and acquaintances who invested in our vision. That said, there’s a great number of people who’ve inquired as to how they could become a part of the CTA family through their financial support, but didn’t necessarily have the means to hit our investment levels. With that in mind, and with the success of the first round of CCP sponsorships, we’ve decided to RE-LAUNCH the CTA Community Chairholder Program (CCP)!!

Here’s how it works

Much like other sponsorship programs in which people buy bricks in a wall or plaques on a park bench, the Call to Arms CCP is a way for people to become small-scale financial supporters of Call to Arms while leaving a lasting legacy within the walls of the Call to Arms taproom.

To become a CCP member, you simply look through the list of available furniture, and if you decide there’s a piece you’d like to sponsor, just click on one of the tabs below and you’ll be able to pay for your sponsorship through a fully secure Square Register created specifically for the CCP. This page will keep track of the sponsorships in real time, so even if you’re unsure of how you’d like to commit, you’ll always have an idea of what’s still available at any given moment.

All told, we’ll have 21 pieces of furniture available within the second round of our CCP, ranging from $150 to $1000. Once you’ve become a member of the CCP, you are then entitled to a number of gifts and perks that we’ll discuss in the section below.

Here’s the list of pieces we’re starting off with. This is NOT the current number of pieces available.

1 Shuffleboard Table

While it’s not suited for seating, this Hudson shuffleboard table is definitely one of a kind and easily one of the most popular features in the CTA taproom! The table is 18′ long (which is considered playable for shuffleboard pros), and was custom-built for Call to Arms – as you can see with the CTA crests on the table-top itself. Add your own family’s crest with your plaque prominently featured on the table for all the competitors to see!

1 Wood & Metal Tall-Top Table

This table is a beast – and unlike any tall-top we’ve ever seen! Custom-built by the fine folks at AND Collaborative (a local Denver wood and metal shop), this burly table seats four people in table stools and leaves a powerful impression near our shuffleboard table in our recently-remodeled taproom addition.

8 Wood & Metal Tables

These four-top tables were custom-built by the fine folks at AND Collaborative, a local Denver wood and metal shop. These tables share the same old-world design scheme as our taproom and the chairs they accompany – and each piece has its own unique characteristics and idiosyncrasies.

8 Table Chairs

Our entry level piece of furniture has a classic black paint job to match our taproom and the custom-built four-top tables they’re accompanying. Our most popular piece!

1 Study Couch

This comfortable couch is the central point of our relaxed CTA Study area, and those people who sponsor this couch and the chairs in the Study get a special privilege: their plaques get posted above the furniture on the wall of our wainscoting! Only 4 items will be sponsored in the Study (and 1 is already taken), so join the small club while you can!

2 Study Cushioned Chairs

These relaxing chairs sit to the side of our window area in the CTA Study, and those people who sponsor these chairs and the couch in the Study get a special privilege: their plaques get posted above the furniture on the wall of our wainscoting! Only 4 items will be sponsored in the Study (and 1 is already taken), so join the small club while you can!

Additionally, we’re very proud to say that each of the 9 tables were custom-built right here in Denver by our great friends over at AND Collaborative. AND works in many different mediums including custom wood and metal work, graphic design, photography, and art. This gives the finished product a unique spin because they are able to view the project not only through the eyes of a designer and builder, but a photographer and painter as well. To see more of their h&MADE products, check them out at AND Collaborative.

Also, a portion of all proceeds from the CCP will go towards an as-of-yet undetermined local Denver charity.

What Chairholders will receive:

Each Chairholder will be entitled to a handmade plaque mounted on the furniture they sponsored, which will feature your name and family crest. If you would rather sponsor the chair in honor of someone, or if you don't have a specific family crest, you can opt to add different names or images on your plaque.

Every Chairholder will also receive:

  • 1 – CTA hat
  • 1 – CTA tee shirt
  • 1 – 20 oz customized CCP mug that will reside within the CTA taproom, and can be filled at any time with any of our core beers at 16 oz pricing.

A yearly celebration where we brew a beer with CCP members, and then release the beer at an exclusive Chairholder Meeting - in which the meeting notes will consist of Drink, Eat, and Be Merry.

Other fun CCP events as the program progresses!

And now, the furniture:

As we previously mentioned, you can quickly and easily sponsor any piece of furniture by clicking on a secure “SPONSOR” link below. We wholeheartedly appreciate all of your support, and we’re incredibly excited to build the Community Chairholder Program into the fabric of the Call to Arms taproom!







Chairholder Terms & Conditions:

As incredible as they may be, Chairholders are not investors in Call to Arms Brewing Company. This is a community-based sponsorship program that we hope will create a large, cohesive CTA family of friends and acquaintances.

Though the Chairholder's name (and potential crest/symbol) will become a lasting part of the piece of furniture they've sponsored, this does not allow any authoritative or superseding rights to the furniture the Chairholder sponsored. This is as much about building community as it is adding one's imprint on the taproom, so if you see someone in the chair you sponsored, feel free to spark up conversation with them - who knows, maybe they'll buy you a drink?!

Chairholders have the option of naming the chair in honor of someone, or a number of people, but we kindly ask that no offensive words, names, or images be used on a CCP plaque. Any violation of this will result in the removal of the member from the CCP.

There is a limit to one customized 20 oz mug per piece of furniture. If ten people want to go in on the $1000 bench and name it after their family, that's awesome, but due to our taproom's financial and spacial limitations, there will only be one mug available to all ten parties.

All 20 oz mug pours must consist of our five core brands. But perhaps some seasonals will make the cut as well...

Please know that while we've spent a great deal of time building this program, this will inevitably be a work in progress. Brew dates and additional details will need to be fleshed out, but know that we're looking to build this into an incredibly creative and rewarding sponsorship program.

Once you've become a CCP sponsor, you will receive an email requesting additional information in regard to the name and image you'd like to see atop the plaque on your sponsored furniture. This same line of communication will be used by CTA to convey information pertaining to your CCP gifts.

Legal Jargon:

Legal Disclaimer: Participation in the CCP does not entitle participant to anything beyond the above benefits, either directly or indirectly.  Involvement in the CCP will not create any relationship between participant and Call to Arms Brewery, or its owners or management.  Participant acknowledges that he or she does not have any sort of “dibs” on use of the sponsored furniture, and is not entitled to ask other patrons (whether a Participant or not) to move from any sponsored furniture.  Placement of any sponsored furniture shall be at the sole discretion of Call to Arms Brewery.  Participant will have no legal right or claim to any furniture involved or associated with the CCP.  Participant is not entitled to a refund of any funds paid under the CCP, for any reason, including but not limited to dissatisfaction with the CCP, the furniture, or Call to Arms Brewery or its products.  Participant consents to Call to Arms Brewery’s use of CCP materials, including images of plaques and furniture, in Call to Arms promotions and advertising.

Thanks so much for your support! If you have any questions, please contact Jesse Brookstein at jesse@calltoarmsbrewing.com.